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Safety pool fence

Amongst the many solutions that meet answer the legal and safety requirements imposed by French and European legislation (alarms, shelters, pool covers, tarpaulins), by far the most accomplished and successful is the safeguard screen. It ensures a permanent and safe protection enclosing all open spaces around the swimming pool and bathing area.

However, the conventional materials often used in pool safeguards (aluminium, plastic mesh, fibre nets) tend to rupture the fine balance between security, safety and aestheticism.

TeknoDesign solutions, which do not require any framing or stiles have the advantage of reducing the visual impact to a bare minimum and therefore allow for perfect harmony and equilibrium to be achieved between the aestheticism, refinement and security.

TeknoDesign solutions are long-lasting enduring solutions that are not subject to any degradation or wear & tear with time. They bring a touch of luxury and sophistication to your space.

Our swimming pool glass protections are adaptable to all different pool shapes & sizes as well as garden landscape. Our expertise allows us to consider your specific requirements, take into account any constraints you might have and our experience in the field will ensure the end result is a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Our product offer “Pure Glass” by TeknoDesgin is 12mm thick with rounded-off and polished corners. The safe guard glass panels are supported by stainless steel stiles of “316 grade quality” and just like its glass counterparts, they are non-degradable over time.

We also have on offer our wrought iron product line, called “Terra Amata”. Its elegant line will seduce you both for its aesthetic qualities and finishing. At TeknoDesign, we use treated galvanized steel with a coating of epoxy paint that ensures a remarkable finishing as well as anti-corrosive powers.

Both of our product lines, “Pure Glass” and “Terra Amata” fully comply with the quality and safety norms AFNOR NF P90-306.



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