Glass Pool Fence


Reconciling safety and aesthetics is our job

Among the many solutions that meet the safety requirements imposed by legislation (alarm, shelter, tarpaulin, cover, etc.), the most successful is the fence, providing permanent and safe protection and authorizing the total closure of the pool area. But conventional materials (aluminum, mesh, plastic, etc.) often introduce an aesthetic break that is difficult to match with what already exists.
The frameless and postless PureGlass glass pool fence reduces the visual impact of the work to a strict minimum, while bringing a touch of luxury and refinement to your space. In addition, it is truly durable in terms of maintenance, the glass and the studs not suffering any degradation over time.
Our PureGlass solution adapts to all shapes of swimming pools and all terrain configurations. Our expertise allows us to take into account your specific constraints, both in terms of safety and aesthetics, to achieve a structure that perfectly meets your requirements and enhances your property.
Our PureGlass system is made up of 12 mm thick toughened safety glass panels with polished edges and rounded corners. The glass volumes are held by supports in brushed stainless steel of 316L marine quality which gives this fence a remarkable finish as well as exceptional anti-corrosion power. Our fence has been tested and approved by the French design office Ginger CEBTP, fully compliant with the Afnor NF P90-306 swimming pool standard.
Make the choice of safety and aesthetics and contact us to bring your project to life.

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